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2778 Functional neurologic disorders: health care utilisation and costs
  1. Chinky Goswami,
  2. Dean Pike,
  3. Michael Merakis,
  4. Scott Gelzinnis and
  5. Elizabeth Pepper
  1. Hunter New England Health- John Hunter Hospital, New Lambton, NSW, Australia


Objectives The health care costs of functional neurological disorder (FND) in Australia are not well described. In this pilot retrospective cohort study we aimed to quantify and compare local health district level health care utilisation for patients with FND and stroke before, during and after inpatient admission, including number of presentations, length of stay and financial cost.

Methods Data was collected from the Activity Based Management database for 87 patients admitted to John Hunter Hospital (JHH) with FND between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2021. Comparison was made with 92 age and sex matched control stroke patients admitted to JHH in the same time period. For each patient economic and fiscal data was extracted for the index admission and every ED, inpatient and outpatient presentation for two years prior and one year after. Statistical analysis was performed using R version 4.2.0.

Results We present a comparison of total costs and length of stay of FND and stroke patients over 3 years. Preliminary analysis shows Mean LOS was 25.85 days for FND patients FND vs. 29.29 days for stroke patients. FND patients spent a greater length of time in ED. Average total cost of patients with FND was $46,080 AUD vs. $50,922 AUD for patients admitted with stroke.

Conclusions Our pilot study provides insight into the previously under-described issue of high health care utilisation and costs of public hospital based care for patients with FND. We hope future larger scale studies will provide a basis for service planning.

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