Table 3

Multiple regression analysis of total CSVD score severity in asymptomatic individuals

Severity of global CSVD score
(Multiple R=0.444; F=12.86; p=0.0000)
VariablesFP valueBeta (95% CI)
Hypertension31.340.0000−0.40 (−0.54 to −0.26)
CV risk4.980.030.16 (0.02 to 0.30)
  • CSVD score: global CSVD score classified according to severity (0–1 vs 2–4).

  • CV risk: CV risk calculated with WHO revised chart (classified as LR and M/HR risk).

  • CSVD, cerebral small vessel disease; CV, cardiovascular risk; LR, low risk; M/HR, moderate/high risk.