Table 2A

Comparison of state-dependent variables between cases with and without psychoses

StatisticsP value
Type of drug (AED/non-AED)102/34300/613X2=8.19*0.004
Age of the new drug administration35.8 (SD 12.0)35.2 (SD 13.4)F=0.22†0.643
Duration of epilepsy21.2 (SD 12.6)17.7 (12.6)F=8.06†0.005
History of psychosis50/55310/4603X2=263.4*0.000
Seizure frequency
Seizure outcome (D/UC/I)24/73/81339/3350/224Z=−1.39‡0.166
Concomitant AED2.1 (SD1.1)1.8 (SD1.1)F=5.73†0.017
  • Seizure frequency: nil (n); less than yearly (<y); yearly (y), monthly (m), weekly (w), daily (d); seizure outcome: decreased (D), unchanged (UC), increased (I).

  • *Contingency table analysis.

  • †Analysis of variance.

  • ‡Man-Whitney test.

  • AED, antiepileptic drug.