Table 1

Clinical characteristics of patients with TLE

Patient (P)Time since last seizureDisease duration
(in years)
LateralNo of AEDs at time of the studySurgery (TLR)MTL sclerosis
P11 week11Left3NoYes
P23 years33Left3NoNo
P32 years8Left3NoNo
P424 years22Left5TLRTLR
P54 years20Right2TLRTLR
P64 years9Left2TLRTLR
P72 years5Bilateral2NoNo
P81 year24Bilateral1NoNo
P91 month11Left2NoNo
P105 years34Left3TLRTLR
P111 month24Left3TLRTLR
P122 weeks27Left2NoYes
P132 years5Left3NoNo
P145 years7Left1TLRTLR
P151 year17Left4NoYes
P161 year50Left1TLRTLR
P171 year25Right1NoNo
P185 years11Left2TLRTLR
P195 years51Right4TLRTLR
P201 year6Right2NoYes
  • AEDs, anti-epileptic drugs; MTL, medial temporal lobe; TLR, temporal lobe resection.