Table 2

Risk of study-defined symptomatic intracranial haemorrhage after acute ischaemic stroke reperfusion therapy in heart failure

Cardiac condition
Reference name (number) (sICH timing)
Reperfusion typeEffect estimate
(95% CI)*
Heart failure
Heart failureversusno heartfailure
 Siedler et al, 201918 (<24 hours)Intravenous rtPA and/or ETRate 15%versus20%
 Abdul-Rahim et al, 201419 (<7 days)Intravenous rtPAOR 1.16 (0.37 to 3.66)
 Schnieder et al, 201940 (22–36 hours)ETRate 4.4% versus 1%
Based on LVEF
 Siedler et al, 201918 (<24 hours)
  40%–50%Intravenous rtPA and/or ETRate 6%
  25%–35%Intravenous rtPA and/or ETRate 0%
  <25%Intravenous rtPA and/or ETRate 0%
  • *CIs were not reported for all studies.

  • ET, endovascular therapy; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; rate, rate of sICH in %; rtPA, tissue plasminogen activator.