Table 1

Summary of adverse events from published case series

StudyCases (n)Duration (years)Postoperative window examinedOverall adverse events (%)Mortality (%)ICH (symptomatic) (%)Seizure (%)Stroke (%)Transient neurology (%)Postoperative confusion (%)Infection (%)Hardware issue (%)
Engel et al 201861234NS14.6NS1.6 (1.6)NSNS1.6NS3.3NS
Chen et al 201772843NSNSNS1.41.20NS51.10.6
Fernández-Pajarin et al 201782491628 daysNSNS3.1 (1.6)1.90.3NSNS1.60.9
Tonge et al 2015*92201530 daysNS0.0451.81 (1.81)0.9NSNSNSNSNS
Levi et al 2015101071290 days6.5404.70NS13.15NS2.90
Verla et al 2015†11661990 days7.101.5NSNSNSNS31.4
Fenoy and Simpson 2014*12728814 daysNSNS5 (1.1)‡3.1‡
Doshi 20111315310Long term15.6NS1.31 (1.31)NSNS0.653.924.52.61
Voges et al 2006*14262730 days4.2NS0.38 (0)NSNS1.2NS1.51.9
Goodman et al 2006151004NS370230.4NS1352
  • Hardware issues include both electrode malposition and malfunction of the implantable pulse generator, extension leads and electrodes.

  • *Includes data on non-movement disorder indications for DBS.

  • †Database study.

  • ‡Reported for a period of >14 days postoperatively.

  • DBS, deep brain stimulation; ICH, intracranial haemorrhage; NS, not specified.