Table 2

Trainees survey results. (complete responses to all questions can be found in the online supplemental table 3)

What was your stress level during the COVID-19 outbreak?High8 (47%)
Moderate8 (47%)
Low1 (6%)
What was your family’s stress level during the COVID-19 outbreak?Extremely high4 (24%)
High8 (47%)
Moderate5 (29%)
Were you aware of how to access emotional support resources?Yes17 (100%)
How satisfied were you with the resources for emotional support made available to you?Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied3 (18%)
Satisfied9 (53%)
Very satisfied5 (29%)
How satisfied were you with the supervision you received on COVID-19 units?*Satisfied4 (44%)
Very satisfied5 (56%)
How satisfied were you with the availability and quality of disinfectants and PPE (gowns, masks, gloves, eye shields, etc) on COVID-19 units?*Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied1 (11%)
Satisfied6 (67%)
Very satisfied2 (22%)
How satisfied were you with the efforts made by the supervising faculty to decrease your exposure while on COVID-19 units?*Satisfied3 (33%)
Very satisfied6 (67%)
How satisfied were you with the level of support provided by the nursing staff on COVID-19 units?*Satisfied5 (56%)
Very satisfied4 (44%)
Did you find your time during COVID-19 redeployment to be fulfilling?*A great deal2 (22%)
A lot4 (44%)
Moderately3 (33%)
Did you violate clinical work hours during the pandemic?No17 (100%)
Whether deployed to a COVID-19 unit or not, do you agree with the statement ‘the amount of work was overwhelming during the pandemic’?Agree2 (12%)
Neither agree nor disagree7 (41%)
Disagree5 (29%)
Strongly disagree3 (18%)
During COVID-19 pandemic, how often were you able to attend didactics virtually?Close to 25%1 (6%)
Close to 50%2 (12%)
Close to 75%10 (59%)
Close to 75%4 (24%)
How satisfied were you with the convenience of attending lectures virtually?Dissatisfied2 (12%)
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied1 (6%)
Satisfied10 (59%)
Very satisfied4 (24%)
Were you provided with on-line resources (AAN resources, PowerPoints, electronic modules) to use during the pandemic?Yes16 (94%)
No1 (6%)
In a typical week during the pandemic, whether at work or outside of work, how often would you access the aforementioned on-line resources provided?1–2 days5 (29%)
3–4 days8 (47%)
5–6 days3 (18%)
Never1 (6%)
How satisfied are you overall with your performance as a resident/fellow during the pandemic?Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied1 (6%)
Satisfied12 (71%)
Very satisfied4 (24%)
Describe how the pandemic has affected your overall experience as a resident.It was a negative experience—a stressful and compromising one3 (18%)
It was a neutral experience—I am indifferent4 (24%)
It was a positive experience—a fulfilling and inspiring one10 (59%)
  • *Among residents/fellows redeployed to COVID-19 units.

  • AAN, American Academy of Neurology; PPE, personal protective equipment.