Table 4

Faculty survey results

Have you significantly interacted with residents during the pandemic?Yes22 (88%)
No3 (12%)
In what capacity have you interacted with residents during the pandemic?Mentorship8 (32%)
Direct supervision in outpatient14 (56%)
Direct supervision in inpatient13 (52%)
Didactics10 (40%)
Research12 (48%)
Have you witnessed emotional distress in residents?Yes9 (36%)
No16 (64%)
Have residents reached out to you for emotional/mental support related to the pandemic?Yes2 (8%)
No23 (92%)
How prepared did you feel in providing the residents emotional support?I did not provide emotional support4 (16%)
Not prepared at all0 (0%)
Somewhat unprepared1 (4%)
Somewhat prepared12 (48%)
Very prepared8 (32%)
How satisfied are you with the didactics the residents have received during the pandemic?Very dissatisfied1 (4%)
Dissatisfied2 (8%)
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied9 (36%)
Satisfied7 (28%)
Very satisfied6 (24%)
How satisfied are you with your personal contribution to resident education and mentorship during the pandemic?I did not contribute1 (4%)
Very dissatisfied2 (8%)
Dissatisfied1 (4%)
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied6 (24%)
Satisfied8 (32%)
Very satisfied7 (28%)
Did you participate in giving virtual lectures to residents during the pandemic?Yes13 (52%)
No12 (48%)
How satisfied are you with the audio/visual quality of the virtual lectures you gave during the pandemic?Very dissatisfied0 (0%)
Dissatisfied2 (15%)
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied1 (8%)
Satisfied7 (54%)
Very satisfied3 (23%)
How interested would you be to continue giving certain teaching opportunities virtually after the pandemic resolves?Not at all interested- it is useless0 (0%)
Not so interested- it has limited use4 (16%)
Somewhat interested8 (32%)
Very interested- it is helpful but not essential5 (20%)
Extremely interested- it is essential8 (32%)
In your opinion, what kind of impact has the pandemic had on resident’s education?Negative8 (32%)
Neutral8 (32%)
Positive9 (36%)
Do you think that neurology residents redeployment to COVID-19 units was appropriate?Strongly disagree0 (0%)
Disagree0 (0%)
Neither agree nor disagr345tyee4 (16%)
Agree14 (56%)
Strongly agree7 (28%)
How satisfied are you with the communication related to redeployment strategies you have received from administration and programme directors?Very dissatisfied0 (0%)
Dissatisfied0 (0%)
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied9 (36%)
Satisfied8 (32%)
Very satisfied8 (32%)
Do you think that redeployment has interfered significantly with resident education?Not at all4 (16%)
A little11 (44%)
Moderately7 (28%)
A lot3 (12%)
A great deal0 (0%)