Table 2

Enduring changes in scores in clinical measures with and without adjustment for multiple comparisons

ScoresSubscoresIndividual scoresP <0.05P <0.008 (after Bonferroni correction)
Earliest change
in scores
∆ valueSDEffect sizeEarliest change
in scores
∆ valueSDEffect size
PSPRS total9 months4.598.430.5415 months7.427.630.97
History15 months2.503.09−0.81
Bulbar15 months1.067.020.79
Ocular motor9 months2.003.2980.6112 months2.383.010.79
Gait/Midline6 months2.004.920.69
MDS-UPDRS-III6 months5.8610.590.5512 months11.7512.310.95
Schwab and England scale3 months−10.0010.870.70
  • ∆value (∆visit score -baseline); Effect size: Cohen’s d for parametric analysis and Embedded Image for non-parametric analysis.

  • MDS-UPDRS-III, Movement Disorders Society Unified Parkinson’s disease Rating Scale part III; PSPRS, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Rating Scale.