Table 5

Univariate regression analysis of outcomes with regards to depth of cooling, variability at target temperature, warming rate, and time within cooling interval, with the coefficient expressing a log-OR, first without adjustment for impact of old age and subsequently with adjustment

Temperature categoryCoefficient95% CIP valueAge-adjusted coefficientAge adjusted 95% CIAge-adjusted PI
Cooling depth0.16−1.05 to 1.390.790.34−0.92 to 1.740.60
Variability0.20−1.97 to 2.270.850.38−1.84 to 2.550.72
Warming rate−0.02−0.08 to 0.030.38−0.04−0.11 to 0.010.15
<35°C−0.04−0.15 to 0.050.44−0.06−0.18 to 0.040.27
35°C to ≤36.5°C0.070 to to 0.160.04
>36.5 to <38.0°C0.00−0.03 to 0.040.840.01−0.03 to 0.050.52
≥38°C−0.05−0.11 to 0.010.14−0.05−0.12 to 0.020.16