Table 4

v-HIT horizontal canal gains and saccade prevalence by final diagnosis

Vestibular neuritis n=53
Mean (SD)
Posterior circulation stroke n=20
Mean (SD)
Migraine n=21
Mean (SD)
P value
VOR Gain
 Horizontal Canal (0.8)*0.56 (0.29)0.88 (0.28)1.00 (0.18)<0.001
 Catchup Saccades†51 (96%)5 (20%)0<0.001
  • *Lower limit of normal value.

  • †Catchup saccades identified visually on v-HIT testing Comprehensive canal details can be found in online supplemental file 1.

  • v-HIT, video head impulse test; VOR, vestibular-ocular-reflex.