Table 1

Summary of previously published cases of Haycocknema perplexum myositis along with the two newly described cases in this report: clinical presentation, laboratory findings and overall patient outcomes

ExposuresSymptomsPeak CKEosinophiliaSteroidsOutcome
1994Tasmania33, FTravel to Northern Territory
Extensive animal exposure (botanist)
Bush meat consumption
5 years3294Yes (0.8)Yes, deterioratedGood recovery
1996Tasmania48, MTravel to North Queensland1.5 years1586Yes (2.0)Ongoing weakness with improved CK (280)
2004Mackay, North Queensland61, MGrew up in Tasmania3 years of dysphagia and dysarthria with 1 year of limb weakness1263Yes for 2 yearsYes - deterioratedDeceased due to septic complications
2005Innisfail, North Queensland23, F Nil2 years of progressive weakness, weight loss and dysphagia1370Yes (1.1), elevated for prior 10 yearsNoOngoing weakness with improved CK (300) and resolved eosinophilia
2006Mackay, North Queensland61, MNil2 years progressive weakness and dysphagia1230Yes (1.36), elevated for prior 2 yearsNoImproved, ongoing mildly elevated CK (250)
2011Tasmania50, MAnimal exposure (avid bush walker)
Bush meat consumption
2 years of progressive weakness, weight loss and dysphagia5700NoYes - deterioratedImproved weakness with persistent CK elevation (470)
2012Cairns, North Queensland80, FExtensive wildlife exposure (wildlife carer)
Brief travel to Tasmania
18 months of progressive weakness and weight loss270Yes (0.7)NoProgressive weakness with normalisation of CK and eosinophillia
2015Townsville, North Queensland30, MNil2 years of progressive proximal muscle weakness and weight loss3400Yes (1.24)Yes, deterioratedGood recovery
2015Tasmania72, MAnimal exposure (hunter)
Bush meat consumption
Years2082Yes (2.4)Yes, deterioratedGood recovery
2021Townsville, North Queensland40s, MTravel to Tasmania in youth
Bush meat consumption
Subclinical2530Yes (2.1)NoAsymptomatic
2021Townsville, North Queensland20s, FNil3 years of progressive weakness and weight loss3162Yes (1.9)NoJust commenced therapy
  • CK, creatine kinase; F, female; M, male.