Table 2

IgG antibodies to EBVgp350 and MeV NCORE in patients and controls

Anti-EBVgp350 IgGAnti-MeV NCORE IgG
IFNβ t1 (n=170)1.580.869–2.461.090.566–1.82
IFNβ t2 (n=170)1.590.922––1.73
NAT t3 (n=714)1.420.786––1.77
NAT t4 (n=714)1.330.688––1.67
Blood donors (n=144)1.040.554–1.940.6320.296–1.38
  • Anti-Epstein-Barr virus glycoprotein 350 (EBVgp350) and anti-measles virus nucleocapsid (MeV NCORE) IgG antibodies were measured as optical density in serum samples. There were 170 patients with multiple sclerosis in the interferon beta (IFNβ) subgroup, sampled at time point 1 (t1) and t2, 714 patients in the natalizumab (NAT) group, sampled at t3 and t4 and 144 blood donors in the control group. The table shows median with IQR for each group of samples.