Table 2

Responses to the question ‘what barriers (if any) do you feel there are in the investigation of SIH?’

ResponseRespondents, n (%) (total=78)
Lack of awareness of imaging findings10 (13.2)
Lack of personnel able to perform myelography10 (13.2)
Lack of standardised investigation pathway/guideline9 (11.8)
Delays to MRI being performed9 (11.8)
Lack of neuroradiology expertise to interpret imaging7 (9.2)
Lack of access to MRI7 (9.2)
Lack of knowledge about SIH5 (6.6)
Lack of consensus on correct imaging protocol5 (6.6)
Limited sensitivity of the available investigations3 (3.9)
Length of MRI protocols3 (3.9)
Lumbar punctures performed inappropriately2 (2.6)
Contrast not given with brain MRI2 (2.6)
Lack of access to autonomic testing2 (2.6)
None9 (11.8)
  • This question was asked of all respondents, regardless of specialty, provided they said they were aware of the syndrome of SIH. Responses are grouped according to theme.

  • Percentages shown are the proportion of all participants who responded to this question; respondents were able to state more than one barrier.

  • SIH, spontaneous intracranial hypotension.