Table 1

Responses to the question ‘what barriers (if any) do you feel there are in the diagnosis of SIH?’

ResponseRespondents, n (%) (total=105)
Lack of awareness of SIH in medical professionals (especially among GP, EM and general medicine)61 (58.1)
Lack of education/training9 (8.6)
Diversity of presenting symptoms9 (8.6)
Rarity of the condition8 (7.6)
Thoroughness of history taking8 (7.6)
Long waiting times for outpatient appointments6 (5.7)
Lack of referral pathways/guidelines5 (4.8)
Availability of specialists knowledgeable in SIH4 (3.8)
Lack of a definitive investigation2 (1.9)
None3 (2.9)
  • This question was asked of all respondents, regardless of specialty, provided they said they were aware of the syndrome of SIH. Responses are grouped according to theme.

  • Percentages shown are the proportion of all participants who responded to this question; respondents were able to state more than one barrier.

  • EM, emergency medicine; GP, general practice; SIH, spontaneous intracranial hypotension.