Table 3

Associations between cortisol and change in cognition over time

Memory (n=49)Processing speed (n=45)
b95% CIpb95% CIp
Awakening cortisol (t1)0.02−0.31 to 0.340.918−0.05−0.39 to 0.300.792
Bedtime cortisol (t6)−0.03−0.21 to 0.140.693−0.02−0.20 to 0.150.795
Cortisol awakening response−0.02−0.18 to 0.150.8400.03−0.14 to 0.190.760
Daily cortisol output−0.09−0.36 to 0.190.528−0.02−0.30 to 0.260.862
Cortisol AM/PM ratio (t1/t6)0.09−0.17 to 0.340.510−0.02−0.28 to 0.240.895
  • Results based on linear regressions. All analysis adjusted for age, sex and education. *p<0.05, **p<0.01; ***p<0.001.