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Professor Richard Gerraty
Monash University
Melbourne, Australia
Declaration of Interests

Associate Editors

Associate Professor Trevor Chong, BMedSc(Hons), MBBS(Hons), PhD, FRACP
Monash University
Melbourne, Australia
Area of Expertise: Cognitive neurology, neurodegeneration, neuroimaging

Professor Peter Kempster, MB, BS, MD, MRCP(UK), FRACP
Monash Medical Centre
Clayton, Australia
Area of Expertise: Neurology, movement disorders

Dr Deborah Mason, BSc, MBChB, FRACP
Christchurch Hospital
Christchurch, New Zealand
Area of Expertise: Neuro-inflammatory

Associate Professor Karl Ng, MBBS (Hons 1) PhD FRCP FRACP CCT (Clin Neurophysiology – UK)
University of Sydney
Sydney, Australia
Area of Expertise: Clinical neurophysiology, neurophysiology​ laboratory research including nerve and muscle excitability, neuromuscular disorders, botulinum toxin in neurological disorders, headache, hyperhidrosis

Dr Wendy Phillips, BSc, PhD, MBChB, FRCP
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Cambridge, UK
Area of Expertise: Neurology, movement disorders, functional neurological disorders

Professor Bruce Taylor, MB.BS, MD, FRACP
University of Tasmania
Hobart, Australia
Area of Expertise: CNS demyelinating diseases and peripheral neuropathy

Professor Steve Vucic, MBBS (Hons I), PhD, DSc, FRACP, FAHMS
University of Sydney
Sydney, Australia
Area of Expertise: Neurophysiology, Motor neuron disease, neuroimmunology/MS, neuromuscular diseases

Professor Aileen McGonigalMBChB, PhD, MRCP (UK)
University of Queensland, Mater Hospital
Brisbane, Australia
Area of Expertise: epilepsy, EEG and SEEG

Editorial Board

Dr Neil Anderson, M.B., Ch.B., FRACP.
University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand
Area of Expertise: General neurology, neuro-oncology, autoimmune diseases

Professor David Burke, AC, MD, DSc
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and The University of Sydney (Professor Emeritus)
Sydney, Australia
Area of Expertise: Clinical neurophysiology

Professor Bruce Campbell, MBBS(Hons), BMedSc, PhD, FRACP, FAHMS
Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia
Area of Expertise: Neurology/Stroke

Dr James Dyck
Mayo Clinic

Professor Matthew C. Kiernan
Bushell Professor of Neurology
University of Sydney
Sydney, Australia
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Publishing Team

Publishing Assistant: Simran Kang

Publisher: George Neame

Head of Portfolio: Richard Sands