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Correlation between CSF and blood neurofilament light chain protein: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Alagaratnam, Jasmini; von Widekind, Sophia; De Francesco, Davide; Underwood, Jonathan; Edison, Paul; Winston, Alan; Zetterberg, Henrik; Fidler, Sarah

Predicting 90-day modified Rankin Scale score with discharge information in acute ischaemic stroke patients following treatment
ElHabr, Andrew K.; Katz, Jeffrey M.; Wang, Jason; et al

Remote robotic endovascular thrombectomy for acute ischaemic stroke
Singer, Justin; VanOosterhout, Stacie; Madder, Ryan

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on stroke admissions in Qatar
Akhtar, Naveed; Al Jerdi, Salman; Mahfoud, Ziyad; et al

Nrf2 activation in the human brain after stroke due to supratentorial intracerebral haemorrhage: a case-control study
Christopher, Edward; Loan, James J. M.; Samarasekera, Neshika; et al

Persistent neuromuscular junction transmission defects in adults with spinal muscular atrophy treated with nusinersen
Arnold, W. David; Severyn, Steven; Zhao, Songzhu; Kline, David; et al

Migraine and tension-type headache among undergraduate medical, dental and pharmaceutical students of University of Aleppo: a cross-sectional study
Alkarrash, Mohamad Shadi; Shashaa, Mohammad Nour; Kitaz, Mohammad Nour; Rhayim, Roaa; Alhasan, Mahmoud Mohamad; Alassadi, Maya; Aldakhil, Ahmad; Alkhamis, Mohamad; Ajam, Mohanad; Douba, Mohamad; Banjah, Bashar; Ismail, Ahmad; Zazo, Aya; Zazo, Rama; Abdulwahab, Majd; Alkhamis, Ali; Arab, Abdullah; Alameen, Mohammad Homam; Farfouti, Mohamed Taher

Sodium selenate as a disease-modifying treatment for mild-moderate Alzheimer’s disease: an open-label extension study
Vivash, Lucy; Malpas, Charles B.; Hovens, Christopher M.; et al

Autoimmune glial fibrillary acidic protein astrocytopathy presented as ataxia, myoclonus and bulbar syndrome: a case report and review of the literature
Novo, Azael C.; Venegas Perez, Begona

Bortezomib for anti-NMDAR encephalitis following daclizumab treatment in a patient with multiple sclerosis
Karunaratne, Kushan; Ahrabian, Dariush; Monaghan, Bernadette; Campion, Tom; Yousry, Tarek; Lunn, Michael P.; Zandi, Michael S.; Howard, Robin S.; Kullmann, Dimitri M.; Spillane, Jennifer; Walker, Matthew; Chataway, Jeremy

Different AT(N) profiles and clinical progression classified by two different N markers using total tau and neurofilament light chain in cerebrospinal fluid
Kasuga, Kensaku; Kikuchi, Masataka; Tsukie, Tamao; et al

Serum IgG levels to Epstein-Barr and measles viruses in patients with multiple sclerosis during natalizumab and interferon beta treatment
Berg, Linn Persson; Eriksson, Marcus; Longhi, Sonia; et al

Guillain-Barre syndrome following SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in the UK: a prospective surveillance study
Tamborska, Arina A.; Singh, Bhagteshwar; Leonhard, Sonja E.; et al

Refractory Mycobacterium genavense infection secondary to thymoma-associated endogenous IL-12 inhibitor
Chen, Jessie; MaiAnh Nguyen; Cheong, Elaine; Riminton, D. Sean; Reddel, Stephen

Video head impulse testing to differentiate vestibular neuritis from posterior circulation stroke in the emergency department: a prospective observational study
Thomas, James Orton; Sharobeam, Angelos; Venkat, Abhay; et al

Coexistent anti-GFAP and anti-MOG antibodies presenting with isolated meningitis and papillitis: more support for overlapping pathophysiology
Martin, Andrew J.; Strathdee, James; Wolfe, Nigel

Proof-of-concept single-arm trial of bevacizumab therapy for brain arteriovenous malformation
Muster, Rachel; Ko, Nerissa; Smith, Wade; et al

Clinical outcomes of patients with multiple sclerosis treated with ocrelizumab in a US community MS center: an observational study
Smoot, Kyle; Chen, Chiayi; Stuchiner, Tamela; et al

Acute flaccid myelitis: long-term outcomes recorded in the CAPTURE study compared with paediatric transverse myelitis
Greenberg, Benjamin; Plumb, Patricia; Cutter, Gary; et al

Functional neurological disorders in personal injury
Phillips, Wendy