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Comparison of neurofilament light chain results between two independent facilities
Sejbaek, Tobias; Mendoza, Jason P.; Penner, Natasha; Madsen, Jonna Skov; Olsen, Dorte Aalund; Illes, Zsolt

Autoimmune glial fibrillary acidic protein astrocytopathy presented as ataxia, myoclonus and bulbar syndrome: a case report and review of the literature
Novo, Azael C.; Venegas Perez, Begona

Potential biomarkers and challenges in glioma diagnosis, therapy and prognosis
Kan, Liyen Katrina; Drummond, Kate; Hunn, Martin; Williams, David; O’Brien, Terence J.; Monif, Mastura

Association of cerebral blood flow with myelin content in cognitively unimpaired adults
Bouhrara, Mustapha; Alisch, Joseph S. R.; Khattar, Nikkita; Kim, Richard W.; Rejimon, Abinand C.; Cortina, Luis E.; Qian, Wenshu; Ferrucci, Luigi; Resnick, Susan M.; Spencer, Richard G.

Safety and acceptability of clozapine and risperidone in progressive multiple sclerosis: a phase I, randomised, blinded, placebo-controlled trial
La Flamme, Anne C.; Abernethy, David; Sim, Dalice; Goode, Liz; Lockhart, Michelle; Bourke, David; Milner, Imogen; Garrill, Toni-Marie; Joshi, Purwa; Watson, Eloise; Smyth, Duncan; Lance, Sean; Connor, Bronwen

Language dysfunction-associated EEG findings in patients with CAR-T related neurotoxicity
Sokolov, Elisaveta; Karschnia, Philipp; Benjamin, Reuben; Hadden, Robert D. M.; Elwes, Robert C. D.; Drummond, Lee; Amin, Devyani; Paiva, Vitor; Pennisi, Alex; Herlopian, Aline; Frigault, Matthew; Sanderson, Robin; Inam, Shafqat; Cole, Andrew J.; Dietrich, Jorg

Correlation between CSF and blood neurofilament light chain protein: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Alagaratnam, Jasmini; von Widekind, Sophia; De Francesco, Davide; Underwood, Jonathan; Edison, Paul; Winston, Alan; Zetterberg, Henrik; Fidler, Sarah

Alzheimer’s disease: from basic science to precision medicine approach
Forloni, Gianluigi

Hospital diagnosed pneumonia before age 20 years and multiple sclerosis risk
Smith, Kelsi A.; Hiyoshi, Ayako; Burkill, Sarah; Bahmanyar, Shahram; Ockinger, Johan; Alfredsson, Lars; Olsson, Tomas; Montgomery, Scott

Cerebral microbleed distribution following cardiac surgery can mimic cerebral amyloid angiopathy
De Sciscio, Michele; De Sciscio, Paul; Vallat, Wilson; Kleinig, Timothy

Neurological implications of COVID-19: a review of the science and clinical guidance
Tan, Lynn; Lin, Zhiliang Caleb; Ray, Jason; Wesselingh, Robb; Oxley, Thomas J.; McFadyen, James; Kapoor, Mahima; Hutton, Elspeth

Case report and literature review of Huntington disease with intermediate CAG expansion
Jevtic, Stefan D.; Provias, John P.

Myasthenia gravis and concurrent myositis following PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitor for non-small cell lung cancer
Phua, Chun Seng; Murad, Ari; Fraser, Clare; Bray, Victoria; Cappelen-Smith, Cecilia

Migraine and tension-type headache among undergraduate medical, dental and pharmaceutical students of University of Aleppo: a cross-sectional study
Alkarrash, Mohamad Shadi; Shashaa, Mohammad Nour; Kitaz, Mohammad Nour; Rhayim, Roaa; Alhasan, Mahmoud Mohamad; Alassadi, Maya; Aldakhil, Ahmad; Alkhamis, Mohamad; Ajam, Mohanad; Douba, Mohamad; Banjah, Bashar; Ismail, Ahmad; Zazo, Aya; Zazo, Rama; Abdulwahab, Majd; Alkhamis, Ali; Arab, Abdullah; Alameen, Mohammad Homam; Farfouti, Mohamed Taher

Parkinsonism in the psychiatric setting: an update on clinical differentiation and management
Powell, Alice; Gallur, Lara; Koopowitz, Leslie; Hayes, Michael William

When the fat hits the brain-salvage STA-MCA bypass for an intracranial ICA occlusion due to a fat embolus
van der Veken, Jorn; Lo Presti, Anna; Mulcahy, Michael J.; Stoodley, Marcus Andrew

Bortezomib for anti-NMDAR encephalitis following daclizumab treatment in a patient with multiple sclerosis
Karunaratne, Kushan; Ahrabian, Dariush; Monaghan, Bernadette; Campion, Tom; Yousry, Tarek; Lunn, Michael P.; Zandi, Michael S.; Howard, Robin S.; Kullmann, Dimitri M.; Spillane, Jennifer; Walker, Matthew; Chataway, Jeremy

Functional neurological disorders in personal injury
Phillips, Wendy

COVID-19 lockdown impact on the physical activity of adults with progressive muscle diseases
Roberts-Lewis, Sarah F.; Ashworth, Mark; White, Claire M.; Rose, Michael R.

Two case reports of acquired haemophilia A as complications of alemtuzumab treatment for multiple sclerosis
Gounder, Kuhilan; Batt, Tracey; Dreyer, Michael